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    FreePixel looks at video games as part of the moving image culture. Games are not movies. But games use moving image tradition in their presentation. That is why FreePixel offers a critical look at games and their expressive qualities that grow from the use of the moving image.


    [August 22nd, 2012]

    Toyota reversing the Virtual<>Real

    Posted by micnit

    By now, the exodus into the virtual has been in so many movies, one does not care to count. But this commercial by Toyota plays with the reversal of that idea. At the same time, it is a kind of a deja-vu.

    … that is if you still remember Ethan Vogt’s Volvo 50 machinima Game On.

    Linked from cary ng on Vimeo.
    Curious thing to see how our perception changes. Now, that we encounter new car models in video games, clearly all design for these machines is highly digitized, and even our driving experience in them is full of digital toys, maybe it only makes sense to also start the commercial in the virtual world.
    Fun thing to track this via machinima, though.


    Comment from Ricky Grove
    Time: August 22, 2012, 2:14 pm

    Interesting post! We sure have changed our notions of the virtual. Thanks for reminding me of Ethan Vogt’s excellent Machinima, too.

    At the recent Siggraph there was much talk of the “virtual pipeline” for previz. Autodesk is 100% behind this idea.

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