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    FreePixel looks at video games as part of the moving image culture. Games are not movies. But games use moving image tradition in their presentation. That is why FreePixel offers a critical look at games and their expressive qualities that grow from the use of the moving image.


    [September 26th, 2011]

    Google went Henson

    Posted by Michael

    Celebrating Jim Henson’s birthday yesterday, Google Doodles created an interactive puppet doodle (which eventually should be available again here so head over there and play). This spawned a number of live puppeteering machinima pieces. It is a bit like a 24 hour movie project gone rogue and a great example why puppets are so valuable for machinima and real-time animation.

    So far, all the examples I have seen were live screen captures – but one can imagine some amazing work with a little bit of compositing and editing.


    Comment from Tony Moreira
    Time: January 1, 2012, 12:35 am

    I stumbled upon this…. I had forgotten about this Google Doodle. Although a much different style, the playable Pacman Doodle was great too – I think it even included the cut-scenes…

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