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    FreePixel looks at video games as part of the moving image culture. Games are not movies. But games use moving image tradition in their presentation. That is why FreePixel offers a critical look at games and their expressive qualities that grow from the use of the moving image.


    [May 29th, 2011]

    Sport 3D

    Posted by Michael

    A machinima related follow up on Barcelona winning the Champions League.

    Sport visualizations have been around for some time and this one of the 3 goals Barca scored yesterday is not necessarily revolutionary.

    Digging a bit deeper showed that the underlying software VRTV is coming from England and based on a mysterious Graphics Environment for Scripted Applications (GESA) engine. Originally the company (Sportflashback) used Flash but moved on to a real 3D engine to achieve better results.The business model looks very much like that of familiar machinima companies: divide in engine and content and earn your money in the long run with the content. The tricky question is: where is the content coming from?

    Creating the necessary 3D animations is the bulk of this model, I would think. The answer might be Russia. St. Petersburgh to be precise, if this older (German) article still applies.

    Another interesting detail is the interface, which is not based on game paradigms at all but instead is all buttons and menus. Well, it might be a game interface: namely that of a Fussball Manager. Could it really be a question of the content that defines the cinematic operations and functionality of a specific machinima engine?

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