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    FreePixel looks at video games as part of the moving image culture. Games are not movies. But games use moving image tradition in their presentation. That is why FreePixel offers a critical look at games and their expressive qualities that grow from the use of the moving image.


    [September 4th, 2010]

    Biofed cinematics

    Posted by Erik

    At DiGRA 2007 I presented Andrew Dekker’s honor thesis on biofeedback that changed the atmosphere of a game in real-time. Unfortunately I did not have a full demo video and Michael has often reminded me of this. But last week Andrew reconnected the Wild Divine sensors et al to Ravenholm a Half Life 2 zombie level, and presto! You can now see how meditation sensors , heartbeat and galvanic skin reponse can help make a horrifying game level a little more horrifying. The shaders were fed by the biofeedback so you can have sepia tones, tints, changes in field of view, changes in music, the screen shaking, changes in AI (zombies become even more aggressive), and so on. If the gamer calms down enough they can also see through walls. Enough of the preamble, the video is at youtube, and the slide notes of the talk “Designing for Biofeedback: Blood Sweat and Tears” are available via slide share. This was presented a week ago at UX Australia 2010 in Melbourne. The coffee, by the way, was excellent.


    Comment from michael
    Time: September 6, 2010, 8:28 am

    Good to see it up there. The slides are somewhat more descriptive – especially with the logging of the emotional response.

    Comment from Erik
    Time: September 6, 2010, 5:24 pm

    hi, yes I was hoping the youtube video ( also reveals the calm down–see through walls thing a bit more clearly than via the slides.

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